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Enter a world of images - moments captured in time.

Some may look familiar, but remember, once taken, a photographic image locks a moment of time that is never repeated.

I hope you enjoy viewing the selection on my web site.


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Bottom of the Garden Gallery 2011 new / latest button1 themes exhibitions contact priceinformation biography
Bottom of the Garden Gallery 2011
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1_beauty_soapsa_1003019_c 1_cans_1369_rj_c 2_art_tate_shelves_1_214051 3_death_3906_rj_c 6_utility-pleasure-a_214053 1102090a_c
1 beauty soapsa 1003019 c.tif
1 cans 1369_RJ c.tif
2 art tate shelves 1#214051.tif
3 death 3906_RJ c.tif
6 utility-pleasure-a#214053.tif
1102090a c.psd
doorways_10_finca_0807015_c doorways_13_p_nord_1_2140a2 doorways_14_randers__21404e doorways_16_ice_hote_213ff8 1102014a_c tree_and_sea_c
doorways 10 finca 0807015 c.tif
doorways 13 p nord 1#2140A2.psd
doorways 14 randers #21404E.jpg
doorways 16 ice hote#213FF8.tif
1102014a c.tif
tree and sea c.tif